Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

A Narration by Tucker

The movie starts with everybody gathering around the room where Chancellor Palpatine is. Maci Wendu told them that Obi Wan and Anakin came back from fighting droids. Anakin and Obi Wan came up the elevator right when Jar Jar Binks passed the elevator door.

They came into Anakin's home inside the big city called Corisant. Then Padme said something to Anakin and he talked to her too.

Obi Wan flew to a planet where the clone army was being made. There was a big storm and he went inside and a long necked creature came and brought him to the prime minister and showed him the clone army. He wanted to know if the clone army was ready because the war with the droids was close.

Obi Wan found out there was a bounty hunter named Jengo Fett. He had a son named Boba Fett. He passed by a door to get his Dad and he shut the door because he didn't want Obi Wan to see his Dad's bounty hunter suit. Jengo Fett was trying to kill the Jedis. He was working for Count Dooku. Dooku was a sith lord.

Obi Wan sneaked into the place where the bad guys were having a discussion about the droid army. He went into the area where the droids were made. Anakin and Padme went to the planet where Obi Wan was and found the droid factory and they found Obi Wan.

Anakin's light saber got cut in half and his arm got stuck inside a metal plate and zappy robots zapped the metal. He got his arm out and R2D2 put on his rockets and flew around. He did the control to save Padme and it dropped the bucket so the lava wouldn't go in the container that she was in.

Then these buggy things came up to her when she had no weapons. Anakin and Padme were captured by the buggy things and brought into the big colosseum where there was all the buggy things sitting down where they got chained to pillars. Monsters were let out.

Padme got loose first and whapped the rat creature with a chain. One monster attacked Anakin. It looked like a rhino but a bit smaller than a rhino, and red. And a big rat type creature attacked Padme. A scorpion type one attacked Obi Wan. Obi Wan came loose and he found a spear that shocked the animals.

Anakin was on the rhino type thing. Padme got scratched on the back by the big rat type creature. She jumped on the rhino with Anakin.

Then Maci Wendu brought Jedis to come and fight and then the clones came. The clones were still on the good side. Then Maci Wendu cut off Jengo Fett's head. Boba Fett looked at his Dad's head and he felt sad.

Anakin and Obi Wan took a ship to the landing pad where Count Dooku was. Then they fought him. Anakin's arm got cut off and Obi Wan got cut on his arms and legs. Count Dooku used the force to pull down copper pillars. Yoda showed up.

When Count Dooku used the lightning Yoda put his hands up and blocked the lightning. Yoda was walking with his stick then he dropped it and took out his light saber. Yoda made an angry face at Count Dooku.

Yoda was a Jedi master so when they fought with light sabers Yoda was better than Count Dooku. Yoda put his light saber back in then Count Dooku forced down rocks on Yoda and Yoda forced the rocks away so that he wasn't hurt.

At the end of the movie Anakin has a robotic arm because his arm got cut off. Anakin and Padme went to Naboo and got married.

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